Jose Miguel Acosta Miyer

Jose Miguel Acosta Miyer

Jose Miguel Acosta Miyer

Jose Miguel Acosta Miyer was born in 1948 in Morón, Ciego de Avila, Cuba.

Jose currently resides in South Florida, USA.

He began his artistic activities since childhood and joined the amateur movement as a painter in the ISPJAE where he was studying Civil Engineering.


In 1982 he began to participate in competitions with paintings and thereafter participated in various art activities. 

  • Participated in the CTC Provincial Exhibition, winning second prize in a painting.
  • First Prize in Painting at the Provincial Hall of Fans.


  • Was part of a group exhibition in honor of the People's Council of Culture.
  • Participated in the Labor's Day Collective Exhibition in the House of Culture of Centro Habana.
  • First personal exhibition at the House of Culture of Central Havana.
  • Participated in the 1983 Provincial Exhibition at the Art Gallery of Galiano, receiving the first prize for the complete set of work (two works).


  • Participated in Group Exhibition in greeting to the People's Council of Culture in February.
  • In March participated in the "Hall Pastry," getting first prize.
  • In October he participated in two exhibitions, Competition 465 Anniversary of the Foundation of Havana, where he received first prize, and the group Group Exhibition "October 20" San Alejandro graduates, which was part as a guest.
  • Participated in the Provincial Exhibition 1984, receiving the first prize again the whole works.


  • Participated in the National Hall 1985, receiving the first prize to the whole works.
  • The 2nd Exhibition at the Casa Museo José Martí.
  • He exhibited in the lobby of the Union of Journalists of Cuba, where the works were very well received, (the Expo was held for three months). The words of the catalog were written by the famous poet and journalist Raul Rivero.
  • In March he was part of a group exhibition of "Estate Group" Center Galleries in Havana and Regla, first as a guest and then as a member of the Group.
  • In May two works were selected to represent Cuba at the XII Festival of Youth and Students held in Moscow.
  • The 3rd Exhibition at Gallery East Havana.
  • Participated in the Provincial Exhibition 1985 of Ciego de Avila, receiving second place.
  • In May he was awarded the Diploma of Merit by the Deputy Artistic Culture Leiseca Marcia.

1986 - 1990

  • 4th Exhibition at the Naval Hospital lobby.
  • The 5th Exhibition at the Art Gallery of Cotorro.
  • Since its inception in painting grew in parallel with the chiseled copper, in which material has captured scenes and characters from "Yoruba Pantheon," performing various contracts in Cuban Cultural Fund and unlikely in this subject, until the end of 1988 in that was dedicated solely to painting, beginning to market with Acacia Gallery and later Roberto Diago.
  • In the early years of the 90's, various agencies purchased his works to decorate the yields of the same, as the Cuban Cultural Fund, the seat of ICAIC, etcetera. (Several of his works were purchased by Alfredo Guevara, president of ICAI).

1991 - 1999

  • 6th Exhibition at the Gallery "Amelia Peláez" Lenin Park.
  • 7th Exhibition at the Palace of Tourism.
  • 8th Exhibition at The Embassy Russian.
  • 9th Exhibition at the Gallery "Cities of the World."

2000 - 2002

  • In May 2000, establishing a Group of Artists, of 27 members, who grow the cityscape with suggestive stylistic feature of architecture in movement, of which he is a pioneer and creator.
  • 2000 - Group Exhibition Group Simon Bolivar House Museum. (Which is based in the group).
  • The 2nd Group Exhibition Group at Simon Bolivar House Museum.
  • Group the 3rd Group Exhibition at the Government House in Old Havana.
  • Group the 4th Group show at the Palace of the Revolution.
  • 2001 - Participated in a personal exhibition at the Canary Association of Cuba.
  • The 5th Group Group show "Havana Movement" in the Museum Simón Bolívar.
  • 2002 - Played in a group exhibition at the Public Welfare
  • "Natural Catalonia" and in a solo exhibition of Gallery "Origin."
  • First Prize in the Competition of Science and Technology, where his works were criticized heavily by painter and art critic, Manuel Lopez Oliva.

2003 - 2014

  • Participated with Felina Cabrera in an exhibition at the Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Cuba, with the aim that the blind could appreciate works by touch, which has created great interest and expectations in the organization as before it became a little experiment whose outcome was positive.
  • His technique is to paint with a paint polymer composition of his own creation, giving a wealth of relief and almost unlimited textures that can not be obtained with other painting techniques known to date.
  • In style, Jose has created a school within Cuban art, specifically in the urban landscape, as a large number of artists have taken the unique stylistic feature of the architecture with a an unnatural movement, giving it a strong sense of life to the urban landscape.

- By Carlos A. Perez (BA in Art History)